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Grand Avega

Grand Avega





Exterior - Future Look

Exterior - Grand Avega SG



Meant for you, in every way

Interior Inside

Take a seat in a metallic-hued and ergonomically pleasing space that’s easy on the eyes and practical. The doors continue the organic sweep, and sporty, redesigned grip handles top it all off.

Interior Layouts



Engine Performance


Gamma 1.4

Lightweight to enhance fuel economy, a Gamma 1.4 CVVT engine produces a maximum 108ps/6,300rpm(107ps/6,300rpm in Middle East Region), while a Gamma 1.6 CVVT engine produces a maximum 124ps/6,300rpm. The diesel alternative, a 1.6 VGT unit, produces a maximum 128ps/4,000rpm.

Blue – the colour of driving

The new Accent is as appealing under the bonnet as it is above. Chief among the attractions is Blue Pack, a fuel efficiency package, which delivers more eco-efficient driving. An alternator management system controls the power supply to the battery, putting less strain on the engine. Maximising energy regeneration when decelerating and idling, the benefits come to the fore in start/stop urban traffic, since both fuel consumption and emissions are minimised. Not only that, but acceleration performance is also enhanced, through reduced power delivery to the alternator when picking up speed.

Manual Transmission

Manual transmission that purrs
6 speed manual gearbox provides smooth, noiseless gearshifts thanks to a key and ball-type synchromesh, optimised gear tooth shape and precision machining.

Automatic Transmission

Responsive automatic transmission
With the oil pressure varying for smoother shifting, the 4-speed automatic transmission offers highly responsive, sporty acceleration



Engine Engine Label 1.4 Gamma MPi
Displacement (cc) 1,396
Max. Power (ps / rpm) 107 / 6,300
Max. Torque (kg·m / rpm) 13.8 / 5,000
Number of Cylinders 4
Valves of Cylinder 16
Fuel Type Gasoline
Transmission Transmission Type 4 Speed Automatic Shiftronic FWD
Fuel Consumption Fuel Tank Capacity (litre) 43
Exterior Overall Length (mm) 4,115
Overall Width (mm) 1,700
Overall Height (mm) 1,457
Wheel Base (mm) 2,570
Front Wheel Tread (mm) 1.506
Rear Wheel Tread (mm) 1.511
Front Over Hang (mm) 820
Rear Over Hang (mm) 725
Cargo Cargo Area (VDA; litre) 370
Lightest Curb Weight (kg) 1,065
Weight Heaviest Curb Weight (kg) 1,140
Gross Vehicle Weight (kg) 1,560
Wheels & Tire Front Wheels 5.5JX14
Rear Wheels 5.5JX14
Front Tires 175/70R14
Rear Tires 175/70R14

“Images, engine specifications and information posted above may differ from region to region. All information and illustrations are based on data available at the time of publication and subject to change without notice. Please visit our regional homepage or dealer for more information.”